One of my great joys in my business is meeting artists and crafters from every walk of life and working in every medium. This page is dedicated to the wood workers I have met and continue to foster a working and coillaborative relationship wirth.

Justin Soderlund

Justin and I met when he walked into the Shop in Bracken Village a few months ago and we have been friends ever since. He is an Active Duty Air Force Officer and a craftsman with wood. He comes from a family that started a legacy in Minnesota doing wood carving with chainsaws and other tools as well as custom wood furniture for every style.

Alfredo Dominguez

Alfredo is a recent acquaintance of mine and he is already dazzling me with his skills. He started out as a repair specialist for Restoration Hardware and ventured into making his own furniture and home decor. He is a soft spoken man but his work speaks volumes.