"FCD" iPad Folio


This folio isa  prototype case made fromt the same 12 oz leather as the Punisher case. Because of the thickness of the leather I need to add a half inch to the top and bottom and an inch to each edge to make sure the tablet has enough room to slide in easily and the panels can be fastened securely.. I am really happy with the overall structire and design. It's too bad I have to redo everything just to make it fit properly.

Punisher iPad CAse

I made this case for my son Riley, who got a nice used iPad for Christmas. For this case I used a thick and sturdy 12 oz leather traditionally used for armor. I fooled him into thinking that I was making a new case for mine, and he designedt he skull on the back of the case. MY beautiful wife came up with the design elements on the front oft he case. My three year old daughter helped me with some of the tooling and my baby girl sat on my lap drooling while I did the staining and coloring work, so all in all it is the best case I have made so far and a wonderful family collaboration for a very special boy.

Desert Rose iPad Case

"Banksy" iPad Case

I created this case for my Mother-In-Law after she saw the FJ iPad case andt he sculpted Desert Roses I did for another client. I appreciate how one or more previous projects can inspire another project. That is a testiment to the power of inspiration. I tooled the roses intot he front oft he case and did some subtloe backgrounding to show some subtle depth. We abandoned the decision to paint the roses and instead keep a clean simple. I lined it with blue suede for added protection and some nice contrast in color. FInally I hand stitched the perimeter to keep the suede secure and add that finishing touch.

FJ iPad Case

I created this case for a friend of mine, but by the time I was done with it I wanted one for myself. To be honest, I had been eyeballing this design for a while. The good folks at Saddleback Leather used to sell a design similar to this, but at some point and for some reason, the discontinued it. I took their design and made some mofifications that worked out pretty well as far as I am concerned.  The Saddleback version was cut for the iPad 1 but this one was cut for the iPad 2. The body panel is made from 7oz cow hide and is lined with suede. Unliek their clean basic finish I prefer the tooled glossy look. This stain is the Eco-Flo Acorn Brown All-in-one stain and it looks a great deal like the Antique Saddle Tan gel. It's a play-through case so there are ports cut out from the frame of the case that allow access to the docking port, headphone jack, power button, volume button and front facing camera. It is a snug fit, but realistically you never have to take it out once you get it in. Everything is hand stitched together and the corners are reinforced with rivets for added durability. I also included two business card pockets on the inside flap at the customers request. The closure straps wrap around and secure through two tabs riveted on the back and the cover flap can be strapped in reverse to create a stand. There is a half in seam running around the whole frame that creates a reinforced edge that can really absorb a beating. The whole thing is built like a tank but looks like a Rolls Royce


In my opinion this is one of the best designs ever, and I will be making one for myself when I get the material. If you like the FJ design, GREAT! If you prefer something different....Excellent! The great thing about leather is that I can do any design you want.

"Red Sox" iPad Pouch