Custom Leather Bags

This gallery is devoted to the custom-made leather bags I have made so far.

113  "Sturgis" Saddle Bags

Camera Bag

This bag is 17"w x 10"h x 6"d for overall internal volume of 1,020 cubic inches. There is a large internal laptop pocket with retaining strap and four exterior pockets for additional storage capacity.

OIF/OEF Saddle Bags

These bags are on the small side, but they are great for grabbing and going. They are made from a sturdy 10oz cowhide leather and can be tooled and stained in a number of variations.
Thanks to some very painful lessons learned, I reinforced the mounting system so that the elongated straps can run through most any frame and attach to sturdy Dee rings that are riveted to the back of the bag. I also created heat shields for some added protection around the pipes.

Motorcycle Fork Bag

This great little bag is built like a fireplug. It is made from 14oz saddle skirting and will last longer than you or the bike you rode in on. It measures 10"w X 7"h X 5"d and can be tooled and stained to your specifications. Every piece of the bag is ut from scratch and hand stitched with a tough waxed thread.

"SchoolBoy" Tool Bag

This fantastic little bag was made to fit between the braces of a 1200 Sportster wind screen. It was made from 10 oz cow hide and lined with blue suede. There is extensive tooling to make good use of ever side of the bag except for the bottom. The front of the bag was punched to allow a strap to be run around the handlebar riser and the side panels were punched to allow the bag to be hung from the windscreen braces. I used a heavy duty post lock on each flap for easy in and out. The bag is stained with an Antique Saddle Tan stain and the gussets were laced to the main panel using a decorative, yet sturdy, single loop braid.


Leather Satchel

I made this bag so that even Indiana Jones would be happy to wear it. It was made with a pre-oiled garment leather that distresses very well. In other words, the more you beat it up and abuse it (within normal limits) the better it looks. It measures roughly 9" wide X 11" tall and 4" deep. There is one large inner pocket, perfect for a Kindle or Nook and one smaller inner pocket for your wallet and phone. The whole bag is lined with black suede for added style and durability.


"Mustang" Diaper Bag

I made this bag for my wifes birthday. Since I started working with leather I have been chomping at the bit to make her something but she could never decide what she wanted until our third child was born. THis diaper bag is an impressive 17"x15"x2" for an impressive 510in^3 interior volume. Along with it I made a 11"x6"x3" pull out bag for diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes as well as a small clutch purse to hold her phone, wallet and keys. Everything fits snug in the bag with room to spare for baby blankets and snacks. The strap is adjustable to accomodate her smaller frame or my frame when I have to carry it.....and this is one diaper bag I am not embarrased to carry. Throw a whip on my belt and I could be Indiana Jones.


"Kimberly" Messenger Bag

"Vona" Messenger Bag

"Ashley" Messenger Bag

"Jodi" Shoulder Bag

The "Karla" purse