Welcome to Fantasia Custom Designs

   There is just something about leather that I love. There are a lot of somethings, as a matter of fact. I love the smell, the texture, and the versatility. When I was a little boy growing up on an Army base near Boston, there was a couple that was friends with my parents.

    Stan and Edna Minor were the kind of people that ate steak for every meal, drank beer every day, and made beautiful things out of leather. One of the things they made was a custom hand-tooled leather wallet for my dad commemorating his service in the Army as a medic with nods to his love of Harley's.

    He gave me that wallet one day and I carried it with me everywhere I went for nearly 25 years. After a while, and for various reasons , the wallet started to fall apart. Dropping it in a lake, taking it to two combat zones in the deserts of Afgahnistan and Iraq, and sweating it out in my back pocket eventually turned it into a tattered shell of its former self. When it was finally rendered unusable I went looking for a replacement. Growing up with a quality wallet in my pocket I wouldn't accept anything less, but stores did not sell them and to have one custom made could cost hundreds of dollars. My wife, who is the queen of Frugal Rock asked me why I didn't just make one myself to save money and get exactly what I wanted. The rest, as they say, is history.

   I found my way to the local Tandy Leather Factory store in San Antonio in 2009 and bought a wallet kit. I stumbled awkwardly through the process of tooling the leather, staining it, lining up the innards, and lacing everything together. WHen I was done I was in love; not just with the wallet, but with the process. I made a Bible Cover for my Mother In Law from another kit and figured I could start making my own stuff from scratch. From there it has been a blur of bible covers, guitar straps, wallets, flasks, and anything else that comes my way.

   I am at a point now where I can generally figure out how to make anything just by looking at it and my imagination runs wild sometimes. I once entertained the idea of wrapping an entire motorcycle in tooled leather but that idea got pushed to the back burner when I figured out how much that would cost me out of pocket. Still, if anyone ever wants to try it just let me know.

    I enjoy making custom leather. To me, a unique, one-of-a-kind gift is the best kind and I enjoy the process of getting to know people and translating their personality into the items we create together. There are people out there who do phenominal work with leather, and many focus on one or two specific areas; holsters, wallets, bags, etc. There are people who are fomally trained in the craft, and one day I hope to learn what they know, but I am self taught through the school of trial and error. I like to try everything. There is no challenge to big or too small. If you have an idea, bring it to me. My motto is "Anything is possible with enough of my time and your money". I have no intention to gouge you, but I do expect fair value for the products and the processes that are involved in everything I do.

   I look forward to meeting you and working with you.